2012 Breast Health Symposium

2012 Breast Health SymposiumWe are excited to present the Third Annual Breast Health Symposium. This event owes its beginning to Jo Miller, PA-C and Hannah Brice-Smith RN, CBPN-C, who four years ago attended a national conference and said, “We can do this in Fairbanks!” They came back to Fairbanks and talked about the idea for having a Breast Health Symposium that focused on bringing our health community together to learn from each other and national experts in the field. But how is this going to happen; who is going to organize it; and who will pay for it? Putting on an event of this magnitude requires a fair amount of organization and funding.

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Education Department, along with many partners, took on the challenge to create a meaningful conference with nationally recognized experts and presenters in the field of breast cancer. The Medical Staff Cancer Committee, under the leadership of J. Michael Carroll, M.D., provided the topics and potential speakers. The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation provided funding; as well as its expertise in coordinating functions; and the Education Department took care of the logistics and bringing together the group of speakers to make this all happen.

Professional Day| Friday, May 18, 2012, at 7:30pm-4:45pm (Continuing Education Credit Available).

Cost | $50

Telephone Registration | Please call the FMH Education Department at (907) 458-5580.

2012 Breast Health Symposium Flyer

2012 Breast Health Symposium Brochure