It takes an exceptional community hospital to support an extraordinary community.

It takes an extraordinary community to support an exceptional community hospital.

One of our major roles at the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation is to reinforce that relationship by raising funds for programs that enhance and advance our hospital’s services, capabilities, and capacities.

Greatest Need

Your support helps to ensure we never again face the prospect of a community without healthcare.


Thanks to a group of community volunteers and the financial contributions of many, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital opened its doors in March of 1972, debt-free. 50 years later, we still count on community support to provide first-class medical facilities and technology and ensure we never again face the prospect of a community without healthcare.

We value Excellence In Care and friends in our community. We are dedicated to satisfying patients’ healthcare needs and are continually looking to improve the Hospital Foundation facilities and technology to best serve our community. Our community is central to us and our decisions will be based on the evaluated needs of the Fairbanks community. That's why our vision is Community Caring for Community.

Imaging for Impact

Bringing Advanced Care Home: Support Our PET-CT Scanner Initiative in Fairbanks! Keeping Patients Close to Home for Vital Scans

Pet scanner logo

Between 2017-2023, The J. Michael Carroll Cancer Center served 1,457 patients, while The Porter Heart & Vascular Center cared for 21,667. Too many had to travel for PET-CT scans, disrupting their lives and healing journey.

Join Us in Keeping Our Community Together!

Donate today!  Contact our office to make a contribution over the phone at 907-458-5550, or click here for secure online donation.


Behavioral Health

Your support helps patients live, work, and thrive in our community.

In Patient Behavioral Health

Mental Health and addiction are challenges in every community, and Interior Alaska is no exception. Collaboratively with our community, we're working hard to expand our in-patient and out-patient services to meet the needs of teens and adults seeking treatment for substance use disorders, and children, teens, and adults in need of assessment, psychiatric stabilization, and therapy.


Brooke Fisher Gift of Life Fund

Your gift ensures support of organ donor families, special training for ICU nurses.

Gift of Life_mark

Losing a loved one unexpectedly is never easy. When a patient has made the remarkable decision to be an organ donor if the opportunity should arise, the family of that patient will need extra care and support during the process of matching the donation to a recipient and the coordination of the organ recovery process.

When Tom & Kris Fisher lost their daughter Brooke in a tragic vehicle accident, they found solace in their grief knowing her life-saving gifts, made possible through organ donation, have brought joy, peace, and health to other families. This fund is designed to honor organ donors, support the families of patients making life-saving gifts, and enhance the program of organ donation at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

Denali Center

Your support enhances the sense of community at Denali Center.

Flowers & comunity

Denali Center is an award-winning, comprehensive, short and long-term care facility located next to FMH. Following the Eden Alternative, Denali Center has a neighborhood-like feel and a home-like atmosphere. Residents have access to daily activities, connecting with family and friends, a place to worship, and shopping opportunities.

Gifts from generous donors are used by Denali Center staff for supplies, activities, and events that improve the quality of life for residents.

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope program helps cancer patients feel organized & supportive.

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope program supports cancer patients and the people that care for them.  Funds raised have helped provide care items to help make treatment more comfortable as well as educational opportunities for staff so they are better able to serve their patients.

Every Fairbanksan probably knows of someone that has been touched by this disease.  The Circle of Hope is a circle of support from diagnosis to survivorship.

J. Michael Carroll Cancer Center

Your support means having access to the best cancer care without leaving Fairbanks.


At the J. Michael Carroll Cancer Center, we combine cutting edge technology with an expert team to deliver personalized and compassionate cancer care, and is the only cancer center in Alaska accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancer. Our world class technology provides targeted, pinpoint, accuracy to focus treatment right where it is needed and limits radiation exposure.  That level of accuracy, in the skilled hands of our team, gives comfort and confidence in knowing you receive the highest level of care.

The journey with cancer may be difficult and seem daunting. That’s why it’s best to receive your care right here at home with the patient navigation team  by your side through every step of your treatment. The navigation team connects you with local and national resources, provides access to life-saving clinical trials, and assists you with navigating the complex healthcare system, allowing our patients to focus on healing.

Hospice Services

Hospice provides respite care and practical support to families.


With the help of medical professionals and volunteers, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Hospice Services provides end-of-life care, comfort, and support. This care comes in many forms. From reducing pain to addressing physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs.

Gifts from generous donors allow Hospice professionals and volunteers to enhance this end-of-life care where they see a need. This can be anything from a needed new pillow to help with utility payments to keep the patient safe in their home. The Hospice gift fund has even helped to reunite families for their final goodbyes. Your gift to Hospice services helps to do amazing work.

Harry & Sally Porter Heart & Vascular Center

Your support means accessing the latest in technology and education  to keep our heart center cutting  edge.

Harry and Sally Porter

The Porter Heart & Vascular Center is named after longtime Fairbanks residents Harry and Sally Porter. The late Harry Porter was instramental in founding the Hospital Foundation and raising the money needed to build the Hospital in 1972.

The Porter Heart & Vascular Center is the only full-time Cardiology Clinic serving the area from Denali National Park to the North Slope and Canadian border. When you need cardiovascular care in Fairbanks, take comfort in knowing the experts at the Porter Heart & Vascular Center are here for you.

Being a community-owned hospital means providing the services that keep more patients home during critcal phases of health care. Our heart center offers diagnostic and vascular services and treatments to care for interior residents like you. This means more patients have better outcomes and can stay closer to home and family.

Pregnancy Bereavement

Your gift directly supports grieving parents experiencing the hardest loss of all.

Perinatal Bereavement Logo_Final

The death of a baby is an incredibly difficult event for parents. Losing a newborn is so unexpected and so drastic that it causes particularly complex grief. Bereaved parents must go from planning a future to planning a funeral. Bidding a proper goodbye is crucial to a healthy grieving process, and the Fairbanks community is among the forerunners in acknowledging the impact perinatal loss has on the immediate and extended family, and the benefit of beginning the grieving process in a caring, peaceful setting.

With inspiration from the Ragdale Family and a passion for perinatal bereavement care, Kristy Terzi, RNC-OB, BSN,  and the late Breanna Klann, RN, developed a program to train WIS nurses in the specialized care needed for families that suffer from perinatal loss. The Pregnancy Loss Bereavement Program provides financial assistance for burials, perinatal palliative care, and bereavement education.

Additional Programs

Capital Projects and Equipment

Over the years, our community’s needs have changed. Technology is ever-evolving. The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation is continually investing in the future of the Hospital. Capital Projects and Equipment are a major part of this investment and our ability to continually meet the ever-changing needs the future holds.

Simulation Education

The Simulation Education Department at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is more than what you might think. This department helps to keep medical personnel practiced and certified so that they are prepared for all situations. This FMH department extends beyond the Hospital walls to offer training to the EMT Training program as well. This kind of hands-on training is made to be as realistic as possible so that healthcare professionals are able to react at the moment to any situation they face.

Reach Out and Read

This program is supported through donations to the Foundation and encourages parents and children to read together. Beginning at birth, children receive a book at their well-child visits at the Tanana Valley Clinic Pediatrics department. The books are a great tool during an assessment at well-child checks, but more importantly, they help reinforce that going to the doctor doesn't have to be a scary experience.