It takes an exceptional community hospital to support an extraordinary community.

It takes an extraordinary community to support an exceptional community hospital.

One of our major roles at the Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation is to reinforce that relationship by raising funds for programs that enhance and advance our hospital’s services, capabilities, and capacities.

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope program helps cancer patients feel organized & supportive.

Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope program supports cancer patients and the people that care for them.  Funds raised have helped provide care items to help make treatment more comfortable as well as educational opportunities for staff so they are better able to serve their patients.

Every Fairbanksan probably knows of someone that has been touched by this disease.  The Circle of Hope is a circle of support from diagnosis to survivorship.


Hospice provides respite care and practical support to families.


With the help of medical professionals and volunteers, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Hospice Services provides end of life care, comfort and support. This care comes in many forms. From reducing pain to addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

Gifts from generous donors allow Hospice professionals and volunteers to enhance this end of life care where they see a need. This can be anything from a needed new pillow to help with utility payments to keep the patient in their home. The Hospice gift fund has even help to reunite families for their final goodbyes. Your gift to Hospice services helps to do amazing work.

Additional Programs

Where Needed Most

Your unrestricted gifts allow us to be quick, nimble and responsive. These gifts go straight to the area of greatest need and enable us to ensure that the hospital flourishes.

Capital Projects and Equipment

Over the years, our community’s needs change. Technology is ever evolving. The Greater Fairbanks Community Hospital Foundation is continually investing in the future of the Hospital. Capital Projects and Equipment are a major part of this investment and our ability to continually meet the ever changing needs the future holds.

Tomosynthesis 3D Mammography – Completed!

Fairbanks Memorial Hospital imaging & Breast Center is pleased to offer 3D Mammography technology to interior Alaska. Tomosynthesis is the latest technology developed to improve detection and characterization of breast cancer.

The decision to purchase the tomosynthesis machine came after a $500,000.00 fundraising commitment from the Circle of Hope committee. The machine was put into regular use in June of 2015, thanks to overwhelming support from the Fairbanks community.

Surgery Replacement Project – Completed!

The Hospital Foundation began work in 2012 on design and construction of a replacement for the aging surgical suites original to the Hospital when it was built in 1972. This $88 million dollar project was the largest infrastructure project since the original construction of the Hospital. Construction was completed in the spring of 2017 both ahead of schedule and below budget.

The Hospital Foundation set a fundraising goal of $1.5 million so that it would be able to show bondholders the community backed the project. While the project is complete, donor opportunities are still available for this state-of-the-art facility.

Linear Accelerator- Completed!

Technology advances quickly and equipment becomes obsolete. When it was time to replace equipment in the Radiation Oncology Department it wasn’t as simple as taking an old piece out and moving a new one in. Especially with equipment requiring a Physicist be present for installation and a concrete vault to operate in.

The Hospital Foundation along with undesignated funding from the community was able to bring the True Beam linear accelerator into Fairbanks. This highly advanced tool will deliver the most accurate radiation treatment in the world. This is part of the Hospital Foundation’s goal to keep our friends and family at home for their cancer treatment.

New CT Scanner – Completed!

In 2019 at new CT Scanner was installed at FMH. The Force CT Scanner offers the industry’s fastest and most versatile scan capabilities. And it’s fast! The Force can scan the entire heart in less than one heartbeat and can perform an entire body scan in under two seconds. That means with many exams, patients will not have to hold their breath. FMH is happy to be able to provide this cutting edge technology at our community hospital. Unrestricted gifts to the Hospital Foundation helped make this equipment purchase possible.

Simulation Education

The Simulation Education Department at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is more than what you might think. This department helps to keep medical personal practiced and certified so that they are prepared for all situations. This FMH department extends beyond the Hospital walls to offer training to the EMT Training program as well. This kind of hands on training is made to be as realistic as possible so that healthcare professionals are able to react in the moment to any situation they face.

Behavioral Health

Taking off the Mask, a gala to benefit behavioral health care in Fairbanks was held on October 26, 2019 to kick off the behavioral health fundraising campaign.  Our local behavioral health care system is in crisis. Access to services has declined. This crisis affects businesses, families, patients, children and our justice system. We cannot rely on sources outside our community to resolve this problem.  We are asking for your support to make a difference.