Making a Difference

The Hospital Foundation has made it its mission to guarantee that Fairbanks never again faces the prospect of a community without healthcare.

The beginning of Fairbanks Memorial Hospital came from a dedicated group of volunteers raising money to build the interiors only medical facility at the time. The money to build this facility came from an entire community of donors that knew that to have a town that would thrive there needed to be a hospital. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is a non-profit community hospital.

The Foundation has also worked to provide services not usually seen in a community our size.

We have a Heart Center, a Cancer Center, an award winning long term care facility, Denali Center and the most state-of-the-art surgical facility in the state. All of this because we all know that when you aren’t feeling well the best place to heal is at home.

Kyong and Missey - COH - 2015

A hospital like Fairbanks Memorial is not possible without gifts from our donors.

You help to support our Hospital and the many programs that directly touch the lives of our patients. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is so great because we have donors that make it great.