Board & Staff

Officers of the Full Board of Trustees

The affairs of the Foundation are managed solely by it’s Board of Trustees. The Board has the power to purchase or sell real property, appoint committees, change committee assignments, amend the Bylaws, amend the Articles of Incorporation or remove any officer or Trustee. The Board meets quarterly.

Medical Trustee

The Medical Staff Trustee is elected bi-annually by the Medical Staff. The Medical Staff Trustee need not be a member of the Foundation before the election but must become a member to serve as Trustee.


dr schumacher

Dr. Kimberly Schumacher

Term 2023

The Executive Board

The Executive Board has the power and authority of the Board of Trustees to manage the affairs of the Foundation, including but not limited to, oversight and management of Foundation personnel, ensuring that the Company is operated for a public purpose, and not for any private interests. The Company shall ensure that its Board broadly represents the community; that the majority of the Board members are independent of the Company (i.e., that practicing physicians affiliated with the Company and any employees of the Company who serve on the Board comprise less than a majority of the Board, and that the Foundation Group comprises less than a majority of the Board); that the Board has adopted and operates under a conflicts of interest policy and that all components of the organization conduct periodic activity reviews to ensure the organization operates in a charitable manner.


Foundation Past Presidents

Dr. William R. Wood (1967-1976)
Ron Nerland (1976-1980)
William Mendenhall (1980-1983)
Edward Christiansen (1983-1987)
Stewart (Steve) Stephens (1987-2005)
Dave Rasley (2005-2007)
Jeff Cook (2007-2022)