Testimonial Stories

When I found out I needed surgery there was never a doubt as to where I wanted to have it performed at. My hometown, my hospital.

I work with an amazing medical staff that delivers excellent patient care every day. I know the care put into each and every procedure and the compassion shown to each patient. Why would I go anywhere else?

The Hospital Foundation made sure that our community has a state of the art surgical facility to take care of me and future generations. My experience was just as I had hoped it would be and what I would expect for my family and friends.

Tracy Theis
Kristy Terzi

The Perinatal Bereavement Program is blessed to be supported by the Foundation.

The purpose and mission of the Perinatal Bereavement Program is clear. We are committed to wrapping our arms around our bereaved parents, lifting them up with support and compassion, as they begin to navigate their journey of grief.

Simply put, we strive to provide family centered care during the precious moments when “Hello Means Goodbye”

Reading with children starting in infancy, helps grow their curiosity and expand their minds while creating a parent/child bond that continues throughout life.

Support of our local Reach Out and Read program helps make book opportunities possible for young families in our community and that’s the beginning of a great story.

-Dr. Mishelle Nace, Pediatrician, Tanana Valley Clinic


Dr. Mishelle Nace
hope totes

Hope totes are beautiful bags provided to patients as they start their cancer journey.

These totes are filled with items intended to provide comfort to the newly diagnosed cancer patient.  When a patient is provided a hope tote it shows them that there are people in our community that care about what they are going through.   The smiles on their face are worth more than words can say.  

All of us here at the J. Michael Carroll Cancer Center are so grateful for the generous donations that make these totes possible.

– Teresa DeAngelis , RN and Lisa Sturdevant, RN