GFCHF Construction Committee

The Construction Committee oversees the physical plants of the facilities owned by the Foundation. The Committee reviews additions, subtractions, remodels or modifications of the physical plants both as to design and construction.

Committee Members

  • Galen Johnson, Chair
  • Bob Carlson
  • Andrea Gelvin
  • Bob Hubbard
  • Dave McNary
  • Rich Seifert
  • Doug Tansy
  • Mike Wright
  • Greg Wyman

The FHP Governmental Affairs Committee

The FHP Governmental Affairs Committee reviews potential or pending legislation and regulations that might impact healthcare in Alaska with a focus on the Interior, formulate a position on the behalf of the Healthcare entity and provide guidance to the facilities' lobbyist.

Committee Members

  • Karen Perdue, Chair
  • Ryan Binkley
  • Jeff Cook
  • Joe Faulhaber
  • Steve Frank
  • Bernard Gatewood
  • Elizabeth Schok

GFCHF IT Committee

The IT Committee ensures that technology investment decisions are aligned with the organization's mission, strategic plan, budget and enterprise structure. They structure effective technology life-cycle performance.

Committee Members

  • Bernard Gatewood, Chair
  • Mike Brase
  • Tom Cerny
  • Mel Denning
  • Bob Hajdukovich
  • Dr. Owen Hanley
  • Jonal Machos
  • Denny Michel
  • Leland Rich

The FHP Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the financial condition of the Foundation and monitors the financial conditions and business practices of Foundation Health Partners entities. The Committee prepares an annual budget for the Foundation subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.

Committee Members GFCHF

  • Steve Frank, Chair
  • Scott Bell
  • Jeff Cook
  • Joe Faulhaber
  • Elizabeth Schok

The FHP Quality Committee

The FHP Quality Committee oversees clinical care, patient safety, compliance, customer service, medical policies, professional staff appointments, reappointments and clinical privileges for Foundation Health Partners.

Committee Members

  • Karen Perdue, Chair
  • Joe Faulhaber
  • Dr. Richard Hattan
  • Cheryl Kilgore
  • Charlene Ostbloom
  • Margaret Soden

The FHP Compensation Committee

The FHP Compensation Committee oversees the Compensation provided to FHP employees, including physicians. In addition, the Compensation Committee will perform the annual review of the CEO and review the CEO's recommendations regarding other executives or key employees who may be "disqualified individuals."

Committee Members

  • Scott Bell, Chair
  • Jeff Cook
  • Ron Davis
  • Joe Faulhaber
  • Steve Frank
  • Karen Perdue