Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the powers and authority of the Board of Trustees to manage the affairs of the Foundation, included but not limited to oversight and management of Foundation personnel, but the delegation of duties to the Executive Committee shall not operate to relieve the Board of Trustees or any individual Trustee of any responsibility imposed by law. Unless specifically authorized by the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee cannot purchase or sell real property, appoint committees, change committee assignments, amend the Bylaws, amend the Articles of Incorporation, or to remove any officer or Trustee.

The Executive Committee meets at regular monthly meetings.

The Executive Committee Members are:

Jeff Cook President
Trustee Emeritus
Jeff Cook
Mike Kelly 1st Vice President
Trustee Emeritus
Mike Kelly
Margaret Soden 2nd Vice President
Margaret Soden
Roger Floerchinger Treasurer
Roger Floerchinger
Joe Faulhaber Secretary
Trustee Emeritus
Joe Faulhaber
Steve Stephens Past President
Trustee Emeritus
Steve Stephens
Gail Hattan Gail Hattan Mark Simon, M.D. Mark Simon, M.D.
Scott Bell Scott Bell Cheryl Kilgore Cheryl Kilgore