Healthy Fairbanks 2020

In an effort to improve the health of the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB), a Healthy Fairbanks project team was formed to assess, survey and report on the perceived health of our community. The project consisted of community forums and an online survey of FNSB residents.

For more information on the project, a short video was produced.

The Healthy Fairbanks 2020 final report was published in January 2015.  In summary, the research suggested that the FNSB has a full slate of community assets – natural environment, quality of life and community spirit. People like living in the Interior. With all the community has to be proud of, it also faces some significant health challenges. Overwhelmingly, residents believe the FNSB has three large health challenges:  Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Mental Health and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault. More detailed analysis suggested that Alcohol Abuse is perceived as the single largest health concern. The Healthy Fairbanks 2020 Executive Summary and Healthy Fairbanks 2020 Final Report are attached for reference.

The Healthy Fairbanks 2020 team is currently transitioning from an “Analysis” project team to an “Implementation” team. If you would like more information on next steps, please contact Lillian Ruedrich (, Laura Kolasa ( or Jane Taffe (