Where Your Money Goes

First, it’s in the facilities. Fairbanks has one of the finest hospital campuses in the country for a community of its size, and it’s continually updated with the latest equipment. That’s where most of the money goes.

Second, the Hospital Foundation and Foundation Health Partners have worked hard to make Fairbanks Memorial Hospital the lowest cost acute care provider in the State. This means charges are lower than they could be, leaving what we can in the hands of the people served. We know that when you see a hospital bill it is hard to say ‘low-cost’ anything, but we also know that when our bills are placed next to Anchorage hospital bills, they compare very favorably.

Last, the Hospital Foundation works with Foundation Health Partners to ensure the provision of community services that may not necessarily make money, but are needed in our community, and of an extensive charity care program for those who simply cannot afford to pay for healthcare.