About Us


The Foundation’s Vision
Community caring for our community.

The Foundation’s Mission

The Hospital Foundation was established to ensure that we never again face the prospect of a community without health care by:

  • providing first-class medical facilities and technology;
  • overseeing an excellent operator;
  • creating an environment that attracts quality, caring physicians who wish to be a part of the community; and
  • creating partnerships to deliver quality patient care.

The Foundation’s Core Values

Excellence In Care – We are dedicated to satisfying patient’s healthcare needs and are constantly looking to improve the Hospital Foundation facilities and technology to serve our community.

Friends In The Community – Our community is central to us and our decisions will be based on the evaluated needs of the Fairbanks community.

Faithful Stewards – We are committed to fiduciary responsibility that protects the economic viability of our community-owned healthcare resources.

Commitment to Partnerships – Our Foundation is committed to partnering in our Community relationships.

Act With Integrity – We employ the highest ethical standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all our endeavors on behalf of the community.

Who makes up The Hospital Foundation?

The Hospital Foundation membership includes a wide variety of people from many facets of the community, all of whom share a common interest in providing healthcare to Fairbanks and Interior Alaska. The Hospital Foundation members elect Trustees who govern The Hospital Foundation’s business and oversee Banner Health’s operation of the hospital campus for the community.

Trustees and other members of The Hospital Foundation, working in volunteer committees, spend countless hours planning for the future of the hospital campus, working with Banner Health, the local medical community, and community and state leaders. They do this not for personal benefit, or for the benefit of a few, but for the benefit of the entire greater Fairbanks area and Interior Alaska.

EmergencyWho oversees the hospital’s operations?

Banner Health, formerly known as Lutheran Hospitals & Homes Society (LHHS), operates the hospital campus, and this relationship is essential to the community. Banner Health has exceptional managers and financial and legal professionals, as well as extensive technology resources, to support all of its facilities. All of these resources are available to our hospital campus. Banner Health also has financial strength and purchasing power far beyond our own, resulting in significant savings for our community hospital.

Terms of the current operational lease – which runs until December 31, 2012, but can be terminated at any time by either party with one year’s notice – include:

Banner Health operates the hospital campus for the community, and The Hospital Foundation’s Executive Committee serves as the Local Advisory Committee, i.e., as the voice of the community providing input and guidance in the operations of the campus.

The Hospital Foundation pays for all capital expenditures for the campus, including capital repairs (beyond routine maintenance), renovations, new facilities, new properties and new equipment.

Banner Health is paid an annual administrative fee. All other net operational revenues stay in Fairbanks.